Ireland Baldwin is 6'2"

Ireland Baldwin shows off long lean legs in tiny blue dress that just covers her 'lady parts'

By Reporter - Published: 09:10 GMT, 10 December 2018 | Updated: 09:24 GMT, 10 December 2018

She stands at six feet two inches.

So Ireland Baldwin doesn't have it easy when she tries to put on just any dress she finds at a store.

The 23-year-old model showed the challenges she is faced with as a tall woman, when she shared a photo of herself in a tiny blue dress to her Instagram on Sunday.

In the photo, Ireland stands in a mirror giving a sarcastic thumbs up while wearing the in question garment.

The dress featured a high slit and highlighted her legs and had a low neckline that showed off her ample cleavage, but was not to the model's liking.

'When you're over 6'0 and every tight dress is really just a long sleeve shirt that covers your lady parts,' wrote Alec Baldwin's daughter.

Ireland was alone in the photo, but she has been dating Corey Harper for the last three months.

The couple were spotted kissing at his concert in Venice, California back in October, and have seemed almost inseparable since.

Rumors around the couple first started back in August when they were photographed together.

Ireland, who is the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, dated surfer Noah Schweizer last year.

Before that, she had dated rapper Angel Haze from 2014 to 2015.

Corey, 23, is an up and coming singer/songwriter whose music has been compared to John Mayer.

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