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Karlie Kloss Has the Perfect Jeans For Every Tall Girl

by  4/28/15

There are so many great things about being a tall woman - your legs look a million miles long, you can see over the crowd at crazy sample sales - but a major downside is that many pants end up looking shrunken on your lanky frame. Well, kiss awkward ankle-length hems goodbye. Karlie Kloss's line with Frame Denim, Forever Karlie, continues to be the tall girl's solution to all her denim issues.

While the model has partnered with Frame since 2012, the team just launched its third campaign, with four basic styles guaranteed to get the fit right. Each style has an extralong inseam (40 inches), and while the collection started with just a skinny and a '70s-inspired flare, the Pre-Fall styles will also include a boyfriend and shorts, too. Sadly, the jeans won't hit stores for a few months, so in the meantime, we rounded up our favorites already on the market so you can get a head start on shopping Karlie's collection.

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