Local tall girl goes big

September 30, 2019, 6:26PMUpdated 7 hours ago

Sonoma Valley Rotarian Greg Brennan’s daughter, Jenna, has launched a lifestyle and clothing blog for tall girls and women. She’s nearly 6 feet 4 inches, herself.

"My family and my wife’s are tall, so we knew Jenna would be, too," said Greg Brennan. "Height was normal as Jenna grew up." Her brothers (6-foot-5 each) and cousins (nearing 6-feet-10 in one case) are tall, as are uncles and aunts – and even grandparents.

"Tall is beautiful’ was a mantra around our house as the kids grew," said Greg.

Not surprisingly, Jenna was a natural at sports. She wound up at U.C. Berkeley (’15) on a soccer scholarship and walked onto the track team to throw the discus.

Today, she works as a digital marketing manager at one of the world’s largest clothing retailers. But her passion project on the side is a blog called "Tall Girl Takeover."

Recently, a woman reached out to Jenna via the blog. The woman has two tall daughters who are really struggling, and she asked Jenna for her advice to get through such a tough phase of life.

Last week, Jenna posted a letter to her 16-year-old self (and all the tall young girls who are struggling to love their height) because she thought it would be helpful to many other tall girls. It’s her advice about growing up six inches taller than other girls. "Life is short. I’m not," says Jenna on her blog. "So let’s have some fun while I navigate life being a foot taller than the average woman."

Follow her blog at www.tgtakeover.com or @TallGirlTakeover_Jenna on Instagram.

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