Long Elegant Legs: High Fashion for the Leggy and Lovely

I'm 5'8 with a 33 inch inseam, and wouldn't mind an extra inch or two. So, I've never been one to offer a crying shoulder to the tall girl's lament: "I can't find anything to wear off the rack. The pants never fit, the sleeves are too short. I can't wear heels"

Hey all my Long-Limbed Sisters: cry me a river.

You get picked first for Varsity Basketball, you don't need a Bed Bath and Beyond stool to reach the high shelf in the kitchen and you can pass yourself off as a Rockette at Christmas.

But it wasn't until I bff'ed (i.e. made a best friend of) a 6 foot self-proclaimed Amazon that I truly understood the obstacles the "short-impaired" go through when it comes to something as simple as buying a pair of pants.

My Amazon buddy Tanya is a glorious 6 feet tall. She complains that her 35" inseam makes it almost impossible to find everyday clothes without paying... wait for it... an arm and a leg... for customized tailoring.

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