Meet TTYA, The Hero Brand for Tall Girls

By Helen Gibson - 19 February 2015
Deputy Picture Editor

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a tall girl. Not only do we have to bend to fit in to rush hour tubes, whisper to friends and kiss boys, but also, nothing fits. Well, nothing that’s in fashion anyway. After years of constantly buying clothes two sizes too big just for the length, I began to accept that I would forever live in baggy clothes. That was until TTYA was born.

TTYA stands for Taller Than Your Average, because it’s a clothing range made for women that are, well, taller than your average.

At 5’11”, founder Irene Agbontaen was frustrated with never being able to find wardrobe essentials for tall women, and as a successful stylist, she knew just what was missing from the market.

“I grew bored of rolling up sleeves or wearing boots to hide the fact my jeans were swinging at my ankles," she told me. "I started TTYA to empower tall women to feel style conscience not self-conscience.” 

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