Meet two of Merseyside's real life Giants

As Liverpool prepares for the return of the Giant Spectacular this week, we met two of the city's real life Giants. Lawrence Hudson of Southport is surely one of the tallest men in Merseyside, if not the tallest. He stands at a whopping 7ft 1in. Meanwhile, Libby Corrigan from Maghull measures in at 6ft 4in...

Libby, 23, works with young carers. She said: "I like being able to help people get stuff off the top shelf. "I get lots of attention. And some men kind of see it as a competition." The pair say that being so tall does have its disadvantages. Firstly, there's the shoes. Libby wears a size 10, and says it is difficult to find women's shoes in that size. "I managed to find a pair of men's jelly shoes the other day, though," she said.

"My boyfriend is 5ft 8in, when I'm wearing heels I'm a full foot taller than him. People mistake him for my little brother!"

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