Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson is 6'0"

Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson comes from a family of musicians, so it's no surprise the 21-year-old already has written and produced two songs, "This Love" and "I Look to You," that can be found on iTunes. Megan is a Christian singer and plays cello, piano and guitar.

The Belmont University student made her first trip to Miss Nebraska on Saturday and when she won she felt "incredibly thankful and b...lessed." "It was something I prepared myself for. I had taken every step to prepare," she said. "I was in it to win it." She is readying for her first trip to Atlantic City in September with the help of her family. her brother is her interview coach and her parents are helping with her talent.

"They are so extremely proud of me and they're all coming along to Miss America," Megan said. Her platform is Total Body Wellness: Spirit, Soul, and Body. Megan visits local schools and spreads her message of complete wellness.

The goal is "teaching children who you are as a person is so vital to your entire total body wellness." She recalled gaining weight her freshman year of college and then deciding to make a change and that led to a love of health and fitness. Her long-term goals include finding a way to combine her roles as musician, motivational speaker and fitness fan. "I love the chance to be a role model and positive mentor," Megan said.

She also wants to spread the word about her home state. "Nebraska is the greatest place in the entire world," she said. "I hope everybody gets to visit." And she joked that at 6 feet tall, "everybody should be on the lookout for Miss Nebraska."

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