My Giant Life: Season Two Coming to TLC in June

My Giant Life: Season Two Coming to TLC in June

by Cindy McLennan, May 11, 2016

The second season of the My Giant Life TV show on TLC premieres Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 10:00pm ET/PT. My Giant Life features six women who are 6'6" or taller, and are "seemingly too tall for the average-sized world."

Returning in My Giant Life season two are: Colleen ‘Coco’ Smith, Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho, Lindsay Kay Hayward, and Nancy Mulkey.

Get more on the second season, and new cast members Katja and Lexie, from TLC.


New Season Premieres Tuesday, June 7th at 10/9c

New York, NY – TLC’s MY GIANT LIFE follows the stories of six women who stand at six feet six inches and above, and are seemingly too tall for the average-sized world. The second season, premiering Tuesday, June 7th at 10/9c, chronicles the challenges these women face, ranging from performing seemingly everyday tasks to being noticed for their extraordinary height. From dating difficulties to simply going out in public without stares, the stories in each episode get to the heart of what it means to live life a foot taller than the average female.

Meet the women of MY GIANT LIFE:

COLLEEN a.k.a COCO – Austin, Texas

At six feet six inches tall, Colleen is not the average single gal playing the field. The 36-year-old, former pro-volleyball player has struck out recently in the dating game. After her disastrous dating life in season one, she has moved to Austin for a fresh start. But when she meets Will, she has to decide if she’s willing to let him get past the friend zone.

HALEIGH – Huntington Beach, California

Standing at six feet seven inches tall, 24-year-old Haleigh has a world of possibilities at her fingertips. Last season, to her father’s dismay, she married her much shorter, 32-year-old boyfriend, Bryan. Now, they’re facing serious marital obstacles, and Haleigh is forced to choose between her husband and her family.

LINDSAY – Los Angeles, California

Statuesque and striving to make a name for herself, Lindsay stands out from the crowd at six feet nine inches tall. She is actively pursuing a career in film and television and is willing to do whatever necessary to succeed… including plastic surgery. But will her destructive habits and a tumultuous past keep her from fulfilling her dreams?

NANCY – Cypress, Texas

At a staggering six feet nine inches tall, Nancy is struggling through her senior year of high school. She has always relied on her tall family for support, but now that she is 18-years-old, she is ready to step out on her own. She knows that life will get better as soon as she gets to college to play basketball, but for now, her main focus is graduating and navigating life as a rising basketball superstar.

KATJA – New York, New York

Katja, standing at six feet eight inches tall, and her much shorter wife, Julie, five foot two, want to start a family. They have a lot of questions to answer: Who will carry the baby? Do they want the baby to be taller or shorter? And how will they decide on a sperm donor? When the stress of the decisions brings out the problems in their marriage they start to wonder if they are ready for this next chapter.

LEXIE – Phoenix, Arizona

Confident Lexie, who is six feet six inches tall, is getting married to a man stationed 2,500 miles away. Meanwhile everywhere she goes, men flirt with her. Will the distance be too much for them?

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MY GIANT LIFE is produced by Workaholic Productions for TLC.

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