Super-tall ex-model may break record for world's longest legs

Models are known for their lanky physiques, but one former catwalk pro is attempting to trump the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest legs.

“I believe that they are definitely the longest in Australia and, as far as I know, in America too,” Caroline Arthur, a former model based in Melbourne, told Barcroft Media.

The 39-year-old mother of two has legs that extend 51.5 inches from hip to heel. Barcroft reported that the current record holder, Svetlana Pakratova, a Russian woman, has legs that measure 51.9 inches long.

“Because it’s so close, I think it is worth contacting them and finding out exactly where they measure from and getting an official, accurate measurement done,” Arthur, who is a dermotherapist, told the website.

Arthur stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall, and her legs account for 69 percent of her body.

When she began modeling around age 15, her legs helped her nab gigs but also get rejected from them, she told Barcroft.

“I was told that I’m too tall for Australian beauty standards and couldn’t model clothes because they just wouldn’t fit me,” Arthur told Barcroft. “So as much as I did get work because of my long legs, I also got knocked back for the same reason.”

Her husband, named only as Cameron, is about the same height as her.

“Being married to her is definitely good for my posture because I have to stand up straight,” Cameron joked to Barcroft.

Cameron reportedly built the family’s house with 10-foot-tall ceilings and extra-high kitchen countertops for their tall family.

After struggling with self-image issues as a teenager, Arthur said she has learned to embrace her height yet still struggles to find close that fit her lengthy frame.

“I can honestly say now, as a 39-year-old woman, I’m the most secure in my own skin that I have ever been,” she told Barcroft. “I feel more beautiful than I ever have in my life. It takes time, and you go through stages, but now I definitely see my legs as a positive thing.”

The couple’s children, 13-year-old Cooper, who stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall, and 15-year-old Zoe, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, agree.

“I think that Mom looks really beautiful, and I really aspire to look like her,” Zoe told Barcroft.

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