The BBC? It’s biased against tall women

Viewers take offence at Miranda and accuse Doctor Who of promoting a gay agenda... and don't get them started on Bake Off playing Handel

For some, the problem is that Doctor Who is promoting a gay agenda. Others object to characters in a drama taking their eyes off the road while driving. And then there are those who found one popular sitcom offensive to all tall women.A report examining complaints received by the BBC over a 19-month period has thrown a light on the sheer variety of subjects which prompt viewers' objections, from Americanisms and poor grammar to the use of metric over Imperial measurements.

But while it may be a simple matter of editorial judgment whether to use pounds or kilograms, there is no accounting for viewers' tastes.

The report, published by the BBC Trust, found that one viewer considered that Miranda, the BBC One comedy, unfairly ridiculed tall women (the eponymous heroine, Miranda Hart is 6ft tall, or 1.85m if you prefer), while another argued that showing the police and hospital staff in popular dramas at a bar after a "shift" was a "bad example".

One person complained that the reporting of women's deaths in Gaza as "newsworthy" was offensive to men, while three believed Doctor Who was promoting homosexuality.

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