The Short Guy's Guide to Dating Tall Women

The Short Guy's Guide to Dating Tall Women

by Erica Rivera Jan 3rd, 2020

Dating as a short guy is rough. We get it. Online dating sites and apps haven't helped, as many allow users to outright eliminate you from their search based on height. But that doesn't mean your dating life has to come up short. Not only are there women out there who are totally open to dating guys of all sizes, but there are also ways you can present your best self (all 5 feet, 2 inches of you) that'll make your date overlook your, um, shortcomings. Commit these dating hacks to memory and your prospects will start looking up.

Stop whining.

We know you're at a disadvantage in the dating world because of your height, but moaning about it isn't going to help. The pity party stops now. You can't change your height, but you can change your attitude about it, and until you do, none of the subsequent dating hacks will work.

Don't talk yourself out of it.

You can't tell what women are attracted to just by looking at them. Even if the one you want has a foot on you and has expressed a preference for tall guys doesn't mean you're out of the game. You just might be the one who changes her mind about short guys forever. But you won't know until you try.

Don't pretend to be something you're not.

Lying is not cool, especially since height is a pretty hard thing to hide. You can fudge the numbers up to an inch online, but no further. You can wear shoes with thick soles. You can develop exquisite posture. What you can't (or at least, shouldn't) do is pretend to be something you're not. You're short and she knows it. No amount of smoke and mirrors will disguise that. Accept it and carry on.

Make the most out of what you have.

You can't make yourself taller, but you can bulk up. Muscle mass shows that you value your appearance, that you take care of your body, and makes you look more masculine. (Hey, we didn't make the gender stereotypes, but we acknowledge they exist.) For many women, even the tall ones, a show of strength will outweigh your short stature.

Dress for success.

Clothing plays a huge part in the impression people form of you. A well-dressed man of any size is more likely to get a second glance than a slob is. If you're inept when it comes to fashion, scour men's fashion magazines or hire a personal shopper to learn what cuts, colors, and fabrics highlight your assets. When your date sees you for the first time, your sharp sense of style will make her proud to be your arm candy.

Be confident.

Height may be a turn-on for some, but confidence is sexy no matter who you are. Don't cower. Be bold. Standing tall is a state of mind. If you believe you deserve that tall woman, she's more likely to believe you do, too.

Go for the laughs.

So you don't check off that "tall" box on her ideal man list. No matter. Check off some other boxes, like "funny." People remember how they felt around a date more than how their date looked, so leave that tall lady breathless with belly laughs and your height will seem like an insignificant afterthought.

Bust a move.

No, a tall woman can't cradle her head in that nook between your chin and your shoulder (at least not when you're upright) but you can still lead like a big man on the dance floor. Learn some steps and make her heart race one song at a time. It's not about what you have, but how you use it!  

Compensate with cash.

No woman has ever complained that a man spent too much money on their date. If it's within your means, make the date an affair to remember by pulling out all the stops. Hey, sometimes you have to invest in a relationship to reap the dividends. If being short is limiting your prospects, especially with tall women, spoil the dates you do have and make yourself the most valuable man she's ever met.

Remember your idols.

If you're vertically challenged, it helps to remember you're not alone -- and that your height doesn't determine your potential. Here's a short list of charismatic celebrities under six feet: Prince (5'2"), Kevin Hart (5'4"), Bruno Mars (5'5"), Aziz Ansari (5'6"), Tom Cruise (5'7"),  Mark Wahlberg (5'8"), Robert Downey Jr. (5'9"), George Clooney (5'10"), and Brad Pitt (5'11"). We bet none of them would have any trouble scoring a date, even with a tall woman. (Except Prince. He's dead.)

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