The Tall Girl's Guide To Denim Shopping

The Tall Girl's Guide To Denim Shopping

Ray Lowe
‎October‎ ‎4‎, ‎2017

If you're any size that deviates from what brand's consider to be "standard," finding a decent pair of jeans for a decent price can feel like a frustrating experience. For tall girls specifically, the solution isn't as simple as heading to a tailor — especially when there's not enough material to work with in the first place. A standard inseam runs around 32" to 33", which is just enough for 5' 6" woman... in flats. But a successful find for above average heights isn't just about the length of the inseams. Most brands offering "longer" bottoms don't properly adjust for different fits and sizes (not everyone over 5' 7" has a Karlie Kloss figure, you know).

With that in mind, more brands are starting to offer "tall" specific pieces. Loft, Old Navy, the ever trusty throwback Abercrombie & Fitch - they all sell a steady selection of denim tailored towards the longer-limbs. To make things even easier, we've pulled out the the most flattering cuts and fits from brands that know a tall girl's pain.

No more unintentional high water jeans for this crew. For pants that will finally fit, click ahead.

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