The Tall Society Helps Tall Women Embrace Their Bodies & Build Community


If you're a tall woman that constantly hovers a good head taller than the rest of the crowd, then you might be privy to the usual tall jokes and stigmas. But The Tall Society is an organization of women who tell you to embrace that difference, not hide it.

At 5'10, I've heard it all. I get congratulated at bars for being "brave enough" to wear three inch heels, have to deal with short guys' insecurities on dates, feel guilty when standing in front of people at concerts, and feel like a Jolly Green Giant when I'm around petite woman. With the help of body positive circles, I've learned not to let those things bother me. That's what The Tall Society is: A club that dishes out empowerment and positivity to those that want to embrace their differences rather than change them.

"As the go-to platform for tall girls and women, delivers fashion tips, discussions and access to topics of interest to the woman of stature, as well as opportunities to attend events to connect with your Tall Sisters in person, all while getting a daily dose of inspiration, empowerment and positivity," The Tall Society's press release shared.

The site has it all: They share tall girl brands that offer clothes long enough to fit your form, share funny stories unique to Amazon issues ("Yes, I Did Play Basketball,") and offer articles on how to begin the self-love journey to embracing your shape.

The Tall Society helps to further the dialog and narrative of tall women everywhere, and the site offers contributor stories that share their experiences of growing up tall, and what that entails. From commiserating to embracing, it's a space where women can share their journeys and learn to love themselves.

And now they're taking that community off of the interwebs and into real life with "Tall Sister" Brunches that are popping up all over the US.

Founder Bree Wijnaar said in her press release, "It's amazing what these brunches can do. One of our attendees said, (she) 'stood taller when she went to work on Monday.' I really enjoy that our fellowship as Tall Sisters can generate those feelings of empowerment. We have so many events coming up in the next few months across the country and Canada and I can't wait for other Tall Sisters to experience that feeling!"

If you're a tall lady in need of a tribe that understands you, below are some of their upcoming brunch dates:

  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, Los Angeles, Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica, December 18
  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, Atlanta, W Atlanta – Midtown, January 29, 2017
  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, Chicago, W Chicago Lakeshore, February 12
  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch,Toronto, Canada, The Westin Harbour Castle, February 26
  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, Dallas, W Dallas Victory, March 12
  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, Washington, D.C., Fig & Olive, March 26
  • Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, Seattle, W Seattle, April 22

To register, you can go to The Tall Society. Or if you want to experience your camaraderie online first, see what The Tall Society has to offer on their website here.

Stop slouching and start embracing your height — and if you're still feeling uncertain, The Tall Society has totally got your back.

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