"They'll be fine – when I grow a foot"

"They’ll be fine - when I grow a foot": Student posts snap of Boohoo trousers that reach her neck

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AN online shopper has posted a hilarious snap of her Boohoo trousers – showing how they come up to her shoulders.

Hayley McGovern ordered the "basic wide leg crepe" trousers for £9 from fast fashion giant and they arrived with her yesterday.

The 22-year-old law student immediately discovered the garment was unwearable.

Hayley, from Chester, took the opportunity to snap a hilarious photo of herself with the trousers held up against her to show the height comparison on social media.

Hayley, 5ft 2ins, went on Twitter to post: "Thanks @boohoo for sending exactly what I ordered.

"Fingers crossed once I force myself to grow another foot they might be alright."

The Boohoo website displays an elegant model wearing the high waisted trousers, but makes no mention of her height anywhere in the details.

The garment is sold in sizes 8 to 18 in a standardised leg length.

Hayley assumed that the size which she purchased would have a leg length to fit most women of average height.

The product is described as "a more sophisticated alternative to skinnies" which "take on a relaxed silhouette for the new season."

Hayley went on to compare the trousers to those worn by a 7'3" character in Australian comedian, Chris Lilley's new Netflix show, Lunatics.

She said: "Honestly, the only person who will ever fit these is Becky Douglas."

Speaking today, Hayley added: "I just bought the trousers as something different to wear but I didn't expect them to be THAT different to what I usually wear.

"The only thing I could think of when I put them on was 'I suppose they'd be alright if I was a 7 foot tall girl like Becky from Lunatics.

"Honestly, I don't know who Boohoo think is buying the clothes but there is no way they would fit any normal girl!"

Last month, a student who ordered a skirt from ASOS also discovered the item to cover up half of her body.

Gillian Chips who received the item compared herself in the item to looking "like a can of Dragon Soop."

Sharing her pictures online, Gillian, who is studying mechanical engineering, wrote: "What I ordered vs what arrived, lmao sound."

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