Waitress bullied at school for being 6ft 7in snapped up by London modelling agency

Waitress bullied at school for being 6ft 7in snapped up by London modelling agency

Stephen Moyes
9 Jun 2020, 23:39 | Updated: 9 Jun 2020, 23:39

A WOMAN bullied for being 6ft 7ins tall is riding high after being scouted as a model.

Naomi Lovell, 22, gets unwanted sexual attention due to her striking stature, but is now celebrating towering over her peers.

At 6ft 2in aged just 13, she has grown up being jeered - with strangers even tapping her legs to 'check if she is on stilts'.

Her beanpole stature meant her love life hit the buffers, and Naomi has never had a boyfriend.

But the red-head cafe-worker, of Doncaster, Yorks., is now head and shoulders the happiest woman around after landing modelling gigs.

Naomi told how she has finally had the last laugh: "I was bullied in school for my height. Even teachers would comment on it.

"I was always picked for netball - even though I was rubbish at it - just because I'm tall.

"I do remember feeling like I was being used for my height.

"It affected my self-esteem and in some ways robbed me of my childhood as everyone always assumed I was much older and would treat me like an adult or expect me to be really mature.

"I've even had perverted men messaging me on Instagram, it makes me sick to my stomach. They have fetishes about tall women and always ask if I'm married.

"But I feel like I've really gained confidence since joining the modelling agency, they specialise in taller or unique looking girls.

"They asked me onto their books almost as soon as they met me, it was a real compliment, I finally felt beautiful."

Naomi's family look up to her, with mum, Karen, 58, a retired midwife, 5ft 7in, dad, Nigel, 51, a railway engineer, 6ft 2in, and sisters Bethan, 25, a student, and Amanda, 28, a warehouse worker, both 5ft 9in.

Naomi has been snapped up by London modelling agency Uglys, with photoshoot sessions boosting her confidence.

She said: "I had always been told that I should be a model with my long legs and height, but because I always felt like the odd one out I never really believed it.

"My mum organised a makeover session for me. And the photo agency in charge took one look at me and offered me a place on their books right away.

"It was such a good feeling. Although I was so nervous doing a photoshoot it was one of the first times I remember feeling really beautiful."

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