What to Look for in a Car as a Tall Driver

So many of us need to have a car to get around. You may use yours to commute to work, take your children to school or even just run errands every once in a while. As a tall woman, it's important to find the best car to suit you and your commitments.

If it's time to get your next vehicle, don't assume that you're limited to the largest model on the lot that's within the budget. There could be options that are better for you as a taller driver, or particular features that you need to note. Here are some of the items you could think about before you choose your next car.

Try the height-adjustable driver's seat

It is just as important to be able to adjust the seat up and down, as much as it is to see how far it moves backward and forward. The seat height can affect where your seatbelt will rest on you: the shoulder part should lie flat across the chest between your shoulder and neck, with the lap part sitting snugly across your hips.

Check the headroom

You should ensure you have enough headroom once your seat is in the position you want it to be, which is particularly important if you have a longer torso. Also consider the angle and location of head restraints, as some people may find it difficult to find a car where these don't push against the back of your head, but are still placed correctly.

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Consider the sunroof

You might believe a hole in the roof might be good for headroom, but the opposite may be the case. That's because there needs to be space for the sunroof panel tracks and mechanical parts required to open it, plus the shade. These components mean you may lose one or two inches of headroom. This may not matter in some models, but in those with lower roofline, this could make a big difference.

Look at the steering wheel adjustment range

It's a lot easier to get a comfortable driving position when there's a broad range of adjustment available in the steering wheel. You may find telescopic adjustment is more important than tilt, particularly in cramped cabins. Some models will have a better range than others, so make sure you try this out when looking at different vehicles.

Think about door openings

You also need to think about how you get behind the wheel of your car, so take note of these when looking around. You may find vehicles that have enough space for you up front, but a tight door opening can make it awkward to get in and out. You could also find that, once seated, your head is level with or behind the B-pillar, so you may have to lean forward in some to see any oncoming traffic at junctions.

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