What To Wear If You're Tall: The Fashion Rules Every Tall Girl NEEDS To Know

Average height folks will never understand the struggle tall people face when trying to find stylish clothes that fit well. We won't even discuss the added headache of looking for items with ample fashion flair. Yeah, it's hard out here for a tall chick. But have no worries, tall darlings. We're here to guide you on your journey to immaculate style. Here's what to wear if you're tall. Your essential fashion rules await...When you're tall, sometimes shopping can be a pain in the ass (so much for retail therapy, huh?). In at least several of your shopping jaunts, you've probably come across an amazing top with sleeves that just weren't long enough. Or how about those times you tried on a pair of must-have pants that looked like they must've shrunk in the dryer? In a word: frustrating.

But don't be deterred from purchasing the wardrobe of your dreams. Instead, go in armed with knowledge of what clothes work best for your height and get styling yourself like a pro.

Need a little help? We're at your service. Here's what to wear if you're tall.

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