What Your Height Says About Your Health

Yes, how tall or short you are decides a few health issues you may experience in your lifetime, says a study. Read on to know more…

By: Praveen Kumar Published: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 8:01 [IST]

Most of us would love to be tall. However, many factors like genetics and lifestyle factors decide your height. And then does height decide your health?Well, some studies say that being tall or short can also decide the kind of health issues you experience or may not experience.Yes, some health issues are seen more in short people and some are seen more in tall people. So, read on to know what height says about health.

Heart Issues

A recent study claims that women who are tall have 25% fewer chances of suffering heart issues compared to shorter women. Though many other factors play a role, height can also be one factor. The taller a person is, the better it is for cardiovascular health.


When it comes to cancer, shorter women are at an advantage, says a study. Some types of cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer and kidney cancer seem to affect tall people more.

Blood Clots

Another advantage of being short is that the chances of developing blood clots are lesser. The chances of suffering stroke due to clots in the blood are more in tall women, says a study.


Tall women have higher chances of undergoing an effortless pregnancy. Also, the chances of developing gestational diabetes are lower in them. According to studies, shorter women may undergo more stress during pregnancy.


Even in the case of dementia, taller women are at an advantage. According to a study, shorter women have higher chances of suffering from dementia.

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