WNBA Star: You Can’t Please Everyone

WNBA Star: You Can’t Please Everyone, ‘People Hate Beyoncé’

by Christina Santi, August 17, 2018

Dallas Wings center Elizabeth Cambage is 6’8 and leads the WNBA in scoring. Despite better than average stats, the London born baller believes she cannot get everyone to be sure of her greatness, according to Bleacher Report.

The 26-year-old is the tallest woman in the league. She plays hard, is second in rebounding (9.7 per game) and has an over the top personality. Cambage played for the Tulsa Shock in 2011, the year she was drafted 2nd overall. Then she spent time playing overseas in Australia before allegedly being cut from the national team.

Drake recently shouted her out on “Sicko Mode,” a song on Travis Scott’s recent album, Astroworld. However, things weren’t always so bright for the ball player. Cambage was teased for her height growing up and feels her game is lowered because of her height and passion. “A lot of people have tried to dull my light,” she said.

The MVP candidate understands that she needs to love herself because not everyone will. “People hate Beyonce. People probably had s**t to say about Mother Teresa, you know? You can’t please everyone,” Cambage asserted. “You’re not an avocado. Not everyone’s going to love you.”

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