A new, tall clothing company in Minnesota

I just received this email and I will gladly try and help promote the business...


I just wanted you to be aware of a new clothing store and lineup for tall women has opened in Minnesota. My two daughters opened a retail outlet in the Eden Prarie Center in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prarie. They have several lines and fashions of clothes that have been designed for tall women, and those seeking extended length fashion.

They will be soon following it up with their internet site.

I'm not sure how all this works, I'm just a proud father that occasionally sticks his nose in places it's probably not wanted. But being in business myself for 35 years, I know marketing is the key. Their lineup of fashion when compared to many "run of the mill" stores outshines anything I've seen before. I know this because as they grew up, buying clothes for tall girls was a major problem. My oldest daughter is just shy of 6'4", and my other daughter and partner on the business isn't as tall, but still tall for a woman.

The website is www.amallitalli.com

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