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5'11 1/2" Dasia wrote (February 24th 2014):

Hi, my name is Dasia. I am 14 and 5'11 1/2". I have been teased since I was in 7th grade because I may not have been as short as others. I have been called "Clifford, the big red dog" and "telephone pole" or a "tree". :( But I didn't let that bring me down... well maybe sometimes. My parents are tall too. My mom is 5'11" and my dad is 6'1" or 6'2". What really brings me down is when people say "oh, you're ugly and you'll never have a boyfriend", because I'm tall. I fight back and stand up for myself. It's ok to be tall.

At least tall people get to ride roller coasters. LOL, jk. But you have to love yourself or no one will. Maybe in time I will have a boyfriend and they wouldn't care if I'm tall or not. I realized that God gave me a gift and it's time that I accept it whether I like it or not. (Which I do). LOL. I am taller than all of my friends, but there are people (boys) that are way taller than me. Compared to them I look really short because they're like 6'4" or 6'5"! I do get annoyed when people, well, actually boys that are shorter than me say "dang, girl you are tall and sit there and crack jokes??? It's really annoying especially when they say you can never have a boyfriend. Yes I can. Every tall girl is beautiful - we may not be short like other girls or look as pretty as them but that doesn't mean no guy can ever like / love us. And I do get good compliments like "oh, you should be a model or basketball player". Well you know what? I don't! I want to be whoever I want to be. Everyone's beautiful! Tall Girls Rock!!!

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