July 2007 - Vanessa, 6'2"

Hello there. My name is Vanessa.

Growing up it was a little difficult always being heads and shoulders above the rest (literally). My first day of kindergarten I had to sit in a bean bag chair because they had to get a desk from 2nd grade for me to fit in. I can laugh about it now but looking back it was a very awkward situation! The Jr. High years were the most difficult I reached my full height of 6'2" in 7th grade and I was literally the tallest girl in the building and probably taller than most of the guys including the teachers! Highschool I was still awkward but coming more into my own and accepting my height and realizing that tall may be different but it can still be beautiful!"


The dating scene has much improved since highschool. I think when you walk around with more confidence you attract higher quality men. And yes I do wear heels on dates! And thanks to this website I can find many stylish heels in my size!! To love me is to love my height and the fact that Ilike to flaunt it!


"NO I DON'T PLAY BASKETBALL OR VOLLEYBALL! Haha... I get asked that question every day of my life. That and "How tall are you?" but instead of being touchy about it which would get you no where I just try to smile and be polite, afterall, most of the time they don't realize they are being nosey or rude they think they are just making conversation or admiring my height"

I have a little finishing quote that my mother said to me that i stick in the back of mind and take with me wherever i go.. "They may look at you cause you are tall but they keep looking because you are beautiful" and that is for every tall girl out there! Don't always assume they are looking cause you are JUST tall... you are TALL AND BEAUTIFUL!

All the best
Vanessa (6'2")

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