January 2008 - Charisse 6'0"

Here is my story as to how I became the woman that I am... and will always will be - by Charisse

From the day that I was born, my mother knew that I was going to be tall and that I was going to face certain challenges that she didn’t have to face. And she was not too far from the truth. Growing up, I was always stood among the tall students in the schools, not just in my classes. Being that my height would make me stand out; the teasing was completely harsh and without reason for the most part. I would come home and cry in my pillow many days on end because I had no idea why people were so cruel on purpose. My mother had done a beautiful job to establish confidence, words of wisdom and encouragement, but to me, it wasn’t easy to gasp. And one of my obstacles was heels. I despised heels with an unfiltered hatred! It looked good on the shelf and on other people. But on me, NEVER!!!! I would remember a time when Sundays would come around; I would lose my shoes on purpose. Whenever I would wear them, I would feel either sick to my stomach, or would be on the verge of tears. I didn’t see the true beauty in my self until I turned 18.

Shortly after my birthday, my mother and I had a day to ourselves to shop and enjoy one another’s company. We walked into a shoe store and headed towards the heels section that catered to our sizes. My mother sat down and asked me about a pair of 3 ½ inch patent leather heels that was fierce to the core. When she inquired my opinion to see if I would want to wear them myself, I put her through some serious changes. I gave her 1.5 million excuses from the way they look to the way they would feel on me. I threw everything at her but the kitchen sink, but she didn’t accept any of it. She asked me to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror and told me that for years, I‘ve allowed people’s negative words, energy, and influence to dictate my way of thinking. I gave them control and for that, I was missing out on something wonderful. The last thing that I needed to learn was to basically use the heels to my advantage.

At 35 years of age, my mother is no longer here to give me advice when I need it, but her love and teachings will continue to live in and through me. I can proudly pass the roses where someone can not only see them but smell them. I can honestly say that I have more heels in my closet than sneakers and flats combined. I am not ashamed of my height (6'0") or my weight or my size and I never will be. I love being myself because there is no one like me! And I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!! I love being unique and as far as I am concerned, what could be better?

I would like to let everyone know to stay encouraged and know that you are not alone! We are all here to help anyone see the bigger and better picture. We are all gorgeous, brilliant, strong, and fabulous in our own way no matter what!!!! It’s all in how YOU see yourself!!!! We are divas on the move!!!! Stand tall, and be proud!!!

With Warmest Regards,
Charisse B.

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