July 2008 - Jessica, 6'3"

Jessica's Basics

Name: Jessica
Birthday: July 24th, 1979
Height: 6'3"
Location: United States

How did I deal with being tall when I was young?

I was a head taller than everyone from kindergarten and on until a couple of the guys caught up with me in high school. When I was younger, I always remember feeling different than other people, and I would try my best to fit in, however out of all things that make up your body, height is one that can not be changed! I was always involved in athletics, and being taller initially my body was growing all the time, so I was a little uncoordinated (still am at times!). I enjoyed all sports in gym class except for gymnastics for a month. This is a sport just not made for tall women!

My family is tall. My two sisters and I call ourselves the oreo sisters… I am 6'3" and brunette, my middle sister is 5'11" and blonde, my youngest sister is 6'5" and brunette! I always enjoyed being the tallest girl in the family until one college break I came home and my Mom said "Jessie, your sister is taller than you, stand back to back." …we did, she was a hair bit taller than me, but me with my pride said "she's wearing socks, I'm not!" (ha ha)

Why I love being tall?

It is what has made me who I am today. Going through all the harder times when I was younger gave me an understanding and compassion for other people who do not fit in. I work as a physical therapist, and it requires a lot of compassion and patience. As an added bonus, my patients feel safe with me when we are working on balance because of my size! Another thing that a good friend of mine once said was that if you are tall, you get instant respect. I thought about it and realized that in most cases, it was true.

The type of guys I like

I like a guy that is respectful of me and shares the same beliefs as me. I like a guy with a sense of humor and who has a great smile. I have learned that even guys who are taller but have no personality do not seem as tall to me and I have met guys who are shorter with a great personality who seem larger than life. It is all in how a guy carries himself.

How people treat me in public

When out in public, I do get asked all sorts of favors: "can you reach that for me?", "Wow, you're tall", "I bet your parents are tall", "Did you play basketball?" (I tell them that I did… I have learned that this is how some people start to open up with conversation when they don't know what else to say… they quickly realize there is more to me than my height!)

On shopping for clothes

One time while shopping with one of my roommates at Lane Bryant, back before there were limited options for tall women, I tried on a pair of regular jeans. The sales lady commented "those are cute capris"! My roommate busted out laughing saying "those are regular pants!"

Favorite comeback

I’ve heard someone say "wow, your tall!" with a response of "wow, your bald!"

Other random thoughts on the tall life

One of my patients had both legs amputated and was wearing prosthetics. We were the same height. She went to have them adjusted, and I noticed the next time that she came in that she was much shorter than me. The prosthetist had made her 5'8" to make it easier to get out of chairs. She was so sad that she lost her height, as this is what had identified her for her entire life. The good thing was that it could be adjusted back, but the lesson is to be proud of your height, it is part of who you are!

All the best
Jessica (6'3")

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