February 2009 - Allana 5'11"

Allana's Basics

Name: Allana
Birthday: October 29th, 1961
Height: 5'11
Location: United States

I just want to tell you, that I was born in Minnesota, later moving to Arizona Growing up as a tall child wasn't always easy, but as I watch some young ones growing up today... I think it probably wouldn't have mattered being short or tall - seems like certain kids just do "that".

Believe me... seems when I was growing up...everyone else was 5'2"... Back in the "dino" days when I grew up, it didn't seem that there was as many of "us tall ones" around! The girls seem to be getting taller (not to mention pretty!) in this generation and I am mighty happy for that!! And I hope things won't be as "rough" for them.

A few of the clothing stores and catalogs seem to be catching on! (Here's one for "LAND's END" on the affordable - hemmed to you pants!). My daughter will most likely be tall and we are PROUD of it!

To all of the young tall beauties out there... "Go For It!!!" Don't be bashful!... you'll be surprised!

All the best

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