May 2009 - Rachel 6'0"

Rachel's Basics

Name: Rachel
Birthday: March 12th, 1988
Height: 6'0"
Location: United States

I have been tall since I can remember. Even since first grade I have usually been the tallest person in the class. I used to be so self aware of my height because I was reminded of it every day. I always -always -always used to and still do get the questions

"How tall are you" 

"Do you play basketball?"

"Are your parents tall?"

"You must be great at sports, huh?"

These questions were very over whelming for me as a child, especially since I am an introverted person. I am getting better at not letting these questions bother me and taking them in strides. I do like sports, but I never played sports during school because I don't like to do what is expected of me (it would drive the coaches crazy that I didn’t play ball).  

I work with middle school students. It is funny to hear them "whisper" as I walk past them in the hall, "Oh my gosh, she is so tall" is what they usually say and I just laugh to myself. I always try and make it a point to walk with my back straight and my head held high because I never know what young lady is watching me as an example to look up to. I actually had a student I work with tell me that she hopes to be as tall as I am when she is an adult. That made me feel great.  

It is difficult to find men my height, especially men who want to be with a tall woman. I am becoming more and more open to the possibility of dating a man shorter than myself. I have to say shorter men are pretty creative with their pick up lines. I have had a man ask me if I had "ever fallen in love with a short man before?" Now that is "think on your feet".  

Finding clothes is getting easier with the internet and clothing makers realizing that not every woman is 5 foot. I enjoy being tall because I can carry off larger prints on my clothes, bigger earrings (I love earrings) and bigger hand bags. I do still wear heels and when people ask me "Why?" I just say "Because I want to."

Lots of Love

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