September 2010 - Adeola 6'3"

Adeola's Basics

Name: Adeola
Birthday: January 12th, 1982
Height: 6'3" Location: USA

Hello my name is Adeola. I am currently 28 years old and I am 6'3" TALL. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria on January 12, 1982. I currently reside in South Carolina with my husband.  In researching info on tall women fashion, I came across your website, which I can admit, I have bookmarked and I am aggressively prowling through all the things I really didnt know, LOL.


I have always been tall, I was the tallest kid in MY ENTIRE SCHOOL up until I reached middle school where in the 8th grade, in which I PROUDLY regained the title once more ;-) In High School I was the tallest girl from 9th grade til graduation.

I am currently a professional athlete who has played all over the world and currently working on getting into fashion especially designed and catering to the long legged beauties such as myself.  I love being tall, its a gift and a blessing to be at my height.  I have embraced my beauties and my culture and nothing is better than when a beautiful regal women walks in the room and commands everyone's attention with her height alone, it speaks volumes to me every time, and I just shine my pretty whites and embrace it.  Hey it's something that my other 5'7" friends cant do... LOL.


I have a pair of many Christian Louboutin which are 5"  in size 12 and wear them proudly and I'm sorry I will not stop loving gorgeous and beautiful high heels cause  I STAND AT 6'3".  As the saying goes I'm closer to God in my heels. LOL. 

I have always been an ambitious and being at my height, it has definetely opened many doors for me.  Like, for instance, I attended a great college for FREE under an athletic scholarship to play basketball at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. I graduated with a BA in Communication Arts: Advertising and minor in Business.  The funny thing about sports, especially basketball, you learn quickly that you are not alone as being well over 6 FEET.  I am all for young females being active and knowing that they are not alone and that although they might struggle with self-confidence, sometimes what is perceived as lack of can always be your best quality.   Growing up and hearing stories of other  (famous) tall women such as Tyra Banks, Kimora Lee Simmons, Serena Williams, they too struggled with what are now one of their best features, THEIR HEIGHT AND BODY. 

I know when my athletic career is over with I will definitely pursue a career in fashion designing as I am currently and diligently working on it as I type this. I just finished my logos and signatures from guess whom, another friend who is over 6 FEET, who played at Stanford and also was a member and my teammate on the Nigerian National Women's Basketball Team.  As tall women we are talented, and the sky is literally the limit for us even more, my height as allowed doors to open up and even when they were not wide open and just a crack, GUESS WHAT my confidence and ability in myself allowed me to open.

The important thing I want other to take away from me is that, God has blessings in us all, and with us, tall gals... LOL!  Embracing our physique and stature and becoming encouraging and positive to others is the beginning. So embrace your height and if you are the only one then just know that you are just that UNIQUE IN BEAUTY, MIND, AND SPIRIT.


All the best Adeola





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