August 2011 - Tanja 6'1 1/2"

Name: Tanja
Birthday: March 29th
Height: 6'1 1/2"
Location: Germany

Hi... my name is Tanja, I am 6'1 1/2". I am 42 years old and I grew up a military brat. I live in Germany and I am happy to report life is good. I was always the tall kid in class and until right before I entered high school kids were cruel. I guess at a young age so many kids want to be accepted into a few select groups instead of enjoying the uniqueness of many. I played basketball and volleyball in high school and at minimum I was finally accepted as an athlete. Let me tell you... I was horrible at volleyball and still made varsity. My height was paying off. LOL!!!!


As I started getting older I realized it was to exhausting worrying about if people liked me and accepted me. It doesn't bother me anymore... I love who I am and it's beautiful being different. I use to get asked "how tall are you?", "do you play basketball?", "do you model?" or the most hated statement, "damn, you're tall!" Overall I believe people have good intentions and are fascinated by my height so when they ask I smile and answer their question. Their responses are always positive. I have noticed in the last few years people don't ask me about my height like they use too. Are times changing? I don't know. Either way I love filling a room when I walk in and the eyes are on me. It took me a long time to feel this way and inside I am a happier girl :-)


I have been very career focused and successful in reaching my professional goals. Last year I finally purchased my first home and let me tell you yard work is hard!!! Nobody warned me!! Overall I am very happy with my achievements and I am now focusing on myself and one day a family of my own.


I like a confident man who loves to laugh, is spontaneous and sees the positive in all people. In my younger days I didn't like dating a shorter guy but I finally realized since I wanted to be accepted for me then I should do the same for others.


I have been enjoying this website for several years now and I love reading about the life experiences of other tall ladies. Thank you for developing a "one stop shop" experience for special ladies of the world and this opportunity to be the "Tall Woman of the Month"


Hello Tanja you are a beautiful woman with a sexy smile. Don't worry about your height because I think tall women are sexy. Stay positive and believe in yourself.
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