February 2012 - Hailey 6'2"

Name: Hailey
Birthday: September 21st 1979
Height: 6'2"
Location: USA


I am Hailey Boyle, 32 year old comic, actor, writer, volunteer, animal lover, champion sailor, and tall woman. At 6'1 and 3/8ths" I am actually the short one in my family. My brothers are 6'8" and 6'10"! I have to admit, as a child I didn't want to be tall. I started gaining height on the other girls around 3rd grade and started slouching. I even used to sneak coffee when I was only 8years old to try to stunt my growth. Back then all I wanted to do was fit in, be normal, look like the other kids. Fortunately my plan to stay short didn't work, and as I got older I realized what a gift unusual height can be.


In High-School all the other girls wore makeup and padded their bras to get noticed, but not me. All I had to do was stand up straight and smile! I also got cast to play adults in school productions even though I wasn't a very good actor back then because I was tall enough to play the other students parents, thats a pretty sweet deal.


As I became an adult and went out into the world I was surprised at first at how many people approached me to tell me how attractive they find tall women, or how they envi my height. And yes, theres always the old stand by comments of do you play basketball and such, but what really stood out was the way shorter women would look up to me. Even if it was just because I reached an item on the top shelf for them, they were always impressed.


I have long since stopped complaining about limited shoe selections in my size, difficulty finding pants that fit right, and the awkward postures I have to assume to ride a roller coaster built for average folk. Now I celebrate my height as the gift it is. I wear clothes that accentuate my long legs and pose for pictures with my fans that emphasize our size difference, and I couldn't be happier. After all, tall girls do have the best view!


All the best,

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