February 2014 - Sabrina, 6'2"

Hi Joerg! I am Sabrina. I live in Milwaukee, WI. I am 6ft2 and I love my height!!!

I used to hate it and also had anxiety whenever I was anywhere with a lot of people but FINALLY at the age of 33 I can say that I love the attention. I actually had to renew my mind. SO now, when I am walking down the street and someone makes a dumb comment like, DAMN, look at her, she is tall as HELL….I just program by brain to tell me they are saying I am so GORGEOUS. It works because I know that I am and obviously my height is what gets peoples attention!

Well, when I was younger I was very self conscious about my height. I used to dread going to school because of the constant teasing. I worried that people were talking about me all of the time. I literally worried myself sick because I got an ulcer from it. I always hid in the bathroom until everyone the hallways then I would come out to go home. As an adult, I became a little more confident but the constant stares from head to toe, whispering and pointing used to get to me but now it doesn't bother me at all.

I am a mother of two boys ages 13 and 9 and I have never been married yet but I am still hopeful that I will meet the man of my dreams! Currently, I work as a Pre-certification specialist for er admissions and I work from home. I plan events for other professionals in the city so that we can get out and have some fun (because I work from home and I do no interact with people like I would like to). I have tried to model but I have been rejected by all of the top agencies because my height is too tall. I started to look into doing some local acting too.


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