A Tall Woman of Many Talents: What It's Like to be a Modern Day Amazon

A tall woman of many talentsThis one is a suggestion by regular visitor and contributor Silvano:

Do you feel like a misfit? Like you don't belong? Feeling alone in your journey through life thinking it only happens to you?Then this book may help you. It may even change your life! This is therapy by the power of fiction, but without the price tag.

This is a book about being different. If you struggle to fit in, or just feel out of place, you will find a lot to relate to, regardless of your height. The main character happens to be very tall, but readers with their own struggles (too short, too small, too big, too anything) will find her story close to their heart. Victoria's mishaps will make you laugh and cry during her painful journey to self discovery, started by the therapy sessions offered by her boss.

This is one of the very few novels to address tall people's issues and insecurities, their struggles to fit into a world built around the needs of much shorter people.

You certainly don't need to be tall to appreciate this novel. If you are tall and struggling with your height, however, if you have been asked whether you play basketball, what the weather is up there and what shoe size you are - you will surely find a lot to relate to!

If you know someone who is tall, this book may help you understand them. It is aimed at everyone with a good sense of humour who can also read between the lines. The book touches on many modern day issues: body image, role of social media, immigration, discrimination in society and the workplace, romance, controlling relationships...

Too tall to fit in this world, Victoria has many talents but doesn't even realise it. As far as she’s concerned, she's an ever-failing freak. She blames it on her height and her parents, neither of which she can do anything about. Raised by parents with high expectations and incapable of praise, she goes through life desperately trying to prove her worth. And to blend in, which for someone of her height is impossible!

Join Victoria on her journey and see if you can put this book down!

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