Sini, 6'3"

I have been a professional artist since my arts debute in 1998. Experiences of media and fame, even some struggles and many travels are all precious to me as an artists life is very interesting.


In 2013, I also begun to hold public speeches around art both in English and my native language Finnish. I have had gallery exhibitions in many countries in 20 years time, but mostly I like to share my art in digital images and in meeting people - instead of painting alone at the studio.

Even though I live in Finland, I like to travel a lot and my favourite places have been the United States and China, where I has huge media on 2002 in Shanghai. This was a truly fun endevour as my own land is quite small of 5.6 million habitants. Due to my fathers teachings, I have always kept an open mind. Being tall has been so much fun and works well for an individual who likes people.


At the height of 6´3", it has been easy to promote, to keep audience speeches and take ones ground. I think as tall women, we need to keep our postures straight and personally I adore exercise too. Now middle-aged and tall, I feel much more at peace than as a young woman in my 20´s. Height is only a positive thing for anyone and a wonderful thing for any female as well. But be tall of shorter, always know your high value in your heart.

I wish all our followers a wonderful year 2019 and thank you for your greetings as well as encouragement for us tall ladies across the globe!


Kind hellos from Finland and kiitos, which is "thank you" in Finnish language.

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