Andrea Grant, 6'1"

Writer, model, photographer, editor, multimedia artist etc. Andrea Grant is 6'1"

Andrea Grant a.k.a. 'The Pin-Up Poet' has had more than 250 articles, poems and photos published internationally. She is the creator of the comic book series 'Andrea Grant's MINX' which merges Native American mythology with clever contemporary fantasy, exploring such themes as the duality of human nature and the thin line between dreams and reality. She also plays the character of Minx.

Always a central figure in her art, she thrusts herself before the viewer, demanding interpretation. Her work is ambiguous and thrives on tension, occupying the various gray areas between exhibitionism and art, fashion and fetishism, popular culture and canon. Her body of work is constantly expanding and includes poetry, photography, collage, 3D paintings, audio recording, acting, modeling, and live performance, exploring mythological archetypes and the contradictions of modern womanhood.

She is the founder of Copious Amounts Press, the publishing house that has produced a variety of limited edition art books and multimedia projects since 2001, including Copious Magazine, and "The Pin-Up Poet' art book.

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