Catherine Bell, 5'10"

Catherine Bell, 5'10"

Catherine - in her own words

Let's see... where do I start? Most of you know who I am by now....but in case you don't:

I was a tomboy...still am – I love cars, motorcycles, extreme sports. I am seriously addicted to technology, gadgets, cell phones, PDA's – especially my iPhone & iPad.

I LOVE being a mom more than ANYTHING! It's absolutely the best "job" I've ever had. It's hard to believe you actually fall more and more in love with those little creatures every day. My daughter, Gemma, is the BEST big sis to her little brother Ronan who was born in August 2010.

I have a tattoo of each of my kid's names – Gemma in ancient Persian on my left wrist and Ronan on my right inner forearm in an ancient Celtic alphabet called Ogham. And an OLD tattoo that's being lightened and re-done eventually (on my right ankle).

I was torn between art and medical or engineering school – I chose Biomedical Engineering (don't ask!) and then left school to model.

I was too shy to act, so I took an acting class to express myself worked! (And I was hooked)

I want to learn to fly helicopters and planes one day!

I love to paint – though my favorite kind of painting these days is with my daughter – doing projects/crafts and soon with Ronan.

I love the way acting communicates to so many on so many different levels. I can't imagine doing anything else. To know a part I play or a show or movie I'm in can make someone I've never met somewhere in the world LAUGH or FEEL or be moved or inspired in some way..... whether it brightens their day or makes them think... that is the most incredible feeling and makes me very excited to go to work or to find the next project...

I love to help! There's nothing like knowing you made someone's life better, richer, happier.

And THAT... is a little taste of who I am.

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