Dr. Kat Smith, 6'2"

Dr. Kat Smith, 6'2"

"America's Intimacy Expert"

Inspiration in Tall doses

I'm Tall You're Not – So That Makes us Even is a short book about Tall women (TomKat Production, LLC). Ever wonder what it would be like to live an episode of your life over several times a day? Well, for Tall women (aka Amazonian Goddesses) we are in a perpetual Groundhog Day movie-like drama that unfolds with us answering the questions like; "How tall are you?" or "Do you play basketball?" about half a dozen times a day.

This book deals with the humor of being a statuesque female in today's society, while enlightening these grand beauties on just how envied they are. Smith delves into the science of being tall (ScienTALLogy), growing up tall, and the art of dating women who are looked up to.

"I've laced the content of the book with several lists of successful tall women in various industries, because I feel that inspiration moves deep within the souls of tall women," says Smith, who is 6'2" in her bare feet. "It's important to note that we each have something uniquely designed by God. This is what makes us even. I may have height, but we are all gifted in one way or another. We should embrace these differences and not take ourselves so seriously. I'm Tall, You're Not emphasizes this for tall girls and women."

Though many see being a Tall woman as disadvantaged, Smith uses humor to show that Tall women have varied interests and many great skills other than basketball or reaching things on top shelves. "For instance, she adds, if the lock on the bathroom stall is broken, we can still pee and hold the door shut at the same time."


About Kat

Katherine Smith, former broadcaster, model and actor has a background in sales, marketing and running a small business, as well as presentation skills, which helped her through some demanding times in her career.

Smith is the author of The Naked Author – Exposing the Myths of Publishing and recently developed a line of products that inspire the statuesque female; Amazonian Goddess T-shirts, rings and pendants are worn to show pride and the bond of the tall tribe.

She says: ""I try to inspire others by my actions. I give all thanks to my beloved Grandmother who never allowed me to slump my shoulders or lower my eyes. My focus is to pass on confidence to tall teens and adult women. Be the Goddess you are."


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