Hunter McGrady, 5'11"

hunter mcgradyHunter McGrady, 5'11"

As some of you may know, I am a "Plus Size" model. My measurements are: Height 5'11" Bust 45" DD Waist 35" Hips 47" which puts me at a size 14. I put the words plus size in quotations because i think that it is utterly ridiculous that because i am a curvier girl, because I have bigger hips, a bigger butt, bigger boobs, bigger arms, (you get the point) that I somehow have to be segregated in a different section in a store and I am limited to places I can shop. To me, the term Plus Size is a form of segregation. Why is it that we can't all be called models? We do the same jobs, I stand in front of a camera as long as other models, I fly the same planes, to the same places, I get paid the same, and I get the same hair and makeup done. So why do I get a different title because I have a little extra meat on my bones? This is something I will never understand and I hope that as time goes on the fashion industry will continue to jump on board.

It's incredible to me that plus size makes up 67% of our population yet so many people still gawk at the fact that a bigger woman would ever dare be on the side of a Bus or in Times Square such as the most recent Lane Bryant Campaign. I would love nothing more than to go into a store with a friend who is a size 4 and be able to get just as excited about going because i know that on the clothing rack I will find something for me as well, instead of making the walk upstairs to the corner by the bathrooms where they sell 7 pieces of "Plus Size" clothing that are all similar to that of a potato sack and are from 2012's Holiday collection. It makes me so excited to see some top designers getting on board this Curvy Girl train. I'm so grateful to have worked with so many of the incredible brands that I have who ARE on board but there aren't nearly enough in my opinion, and I'm pretty sure I speak for every other curvy girl out there.

I am praying for a curvy girl revolution, ladies! I want my children to live in a world where curvy girls being on a poster or billboard isn't "News." I don't want to have to explain myself when people ask what i do and I say "I model" followed by a sideways face and an up down at my body, "Well, I'm a plus size model..."

It certainly doesn't make me any less of a model than anyone else thats for damn sure!

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