Samantha Joelle DiBois, 5'10"

samantha diboisSamantha Joelle DiBois (formerly Coleman)

Samantha was kind enough to describe herself for this website. I consider her a friend:

My name is Samantha DiBois (Coleman), I’m 39 years old (born in 1980), 5’10” and 350lbs.  I am a competitive powerlifter and strong woman athlete and I hold many world records. 

I was inducted until the Guinness Book of World records for my 661lbs rss squat in 2018.

I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration and work with various charities to help my local community as well as various children’s charities. I love the outdoors, sports, animals, and crafting.

Help needed

In early March, my spouse left me and completely physically, emotionally and financially abandoned me. During this time I found out I have endometriosis. The combination of my endometriosis and heart issues (due to stress), I was unable to continue to perform my duties at work and was let go.

I have no income and am waiting on support from my estranged spouse, but these legal matters take time. I would be eligible for unemployment, but with the endo pain, I am usually too debilitated to leave the house. The bright side is that once my financial situation levels out, I can go to a specialist, get treatment and likely return to work or in the very least decide if I should go on disability (my very last resort).

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