Estrogens as a means to stunt growth ???

The website "Tall Girls Inc. Australia" (run by Janet Cregan-Wood) was dedicated to women who, as prepubertal and adolescent girls, were exposed to synthetic estrogens (i.e. DES - di-ethyl-stilboestrol) to inhibit their growth. Tall Girls Inc. was an organisation that has been formed to support these women and their families, and to promote investigation of this treatment and its outcomes. Sadly their website has disappeared and I'm not sure if there's a replacement. If you know something please get in touch.

If you want to read more about DES visit or

I also recommend the article "Estrogen Given to Pre-Teen Girls to Inhibit Growth" and the book "Normal at Any Cost" by Susan Cohen and Christine Cosgrove. (Thanks to 6'3" Jheri for the hint!)

The Website of the Human Growth Foundation is an essential addition to this section. They provide an article about "normal" and "abnormal" growth scenarios as well as a piece on the Patterns of Growth. If you want to read even more about the Human Growth Hormone visit the Magic Foundation website.

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