My good friend Benniece needs help

I have known Benniece and Mark for ages. I was absolutely shocked when I learned about her cancer diagnosis. Please help, if you can (see below).

Update: I got an even bigger shock earlier today (January 2nd 2024) when I read that Mark, Benniece's husband, passed away last night. 

Joerg (left) with Benniece and Mark back in 2011 

Hi my name is Mark Lewis and Benniece (Bennie) Roth is my wife of 22 years.

Earlier this year, my Bennie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer. She is fighting her hardest to get well, but she has been unable to work because her immune system is severely compromised from Chemotherapy and she cannot be around people at the behest of her Doctors as she could catch a common cold and wind up in the hospital. She is so worried it is killing me. She was our only source of income and we have completely depleted our savings.
I cannot work because of a sever work injury that has left me disabled.

Bennie will finally receive her SSD next month and we HAD Supplemental Food Income from the State that has been cut to $23.00 because of her SSD even though she will not receive it until next month.

We need help to pay this month's bills and buy food for the month of December. Anything you may be able to donate will help us survive the month and not get evicted from our apartment. I thank you in advance for your kindness, if you cannot donate, can you please share? Thank you very much.

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