A few more thoughts from Joerg

joerg2011Fact One:

There are loads of tall (or extremely tall) women and teenagers like 6'11" Marvadene or 6'5" Emma out there who know what you are going through. Some girls may even be able to lend you an open ear or support of sorts. You decide what is going to happen here, alright? Fill out the form below and tell me what you're missing here (and, no, it's not all about meeting boys!) ;-)

Fact Two:

In a lot of cases all tall young women lack is confidence. If you have enough confidence you'll find how exciting being tall can be. I came across a very useful website today after discussing the confidence / shyness factor with some young UK friends of mine. Thanks to Sacha and Jo for reminding me of the confidence factor!

You could also tell me if you find anything on this website that you find unsuitable for you or other girls your age (or even younger) - I promise  to look into it and even take down the features / links concerned.

What you can / should / shouldn't do

Perhaps you want to tell your own story. Feel free to get in touch with me and tell us how you're feeling, what you feel you're lacking (in regard to support from parents, teachers, friends etc.) and what you think is great about you. Or what is it that you don't like about yourself? I bet you'll find later that being a kid / teen was half as bad as you then thought. :-)

Of course there are bad things that could happen to a tall girl. Read what my friend Tiffany had to go through instead of a enjoying a great Prom Night. This is a very sad story but Tiffany has come out of it stronger than ever before. She has found herself a cute boyfriend now and - as far as I know - the two are now happily married!

If you still don't like being tall or even hate it - don't despair. I know that it's not easy being a teenager (I've been there myself a long time ago). Talk to people you trust. Don't give in to stupid comments from class"mates" or even teachers. Being a teacher doesn't always qualify a person for being a good human being (I've found that out too - years ago).

Get rid of "friends" who have a negative attitude towards you because they aren't your friends. Make sure you feel good and do whatever it takes to assure that you feel good. You still rule!

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