6'7" Ashley from Ohio: Even more bad news

ashley joerg3Here's even worse news from Ashley 

It seems as though our world is crumbling around us. Zac was fired from his job today. I'm not able to go into much detail but it was completely unexpected and unwarranted. His boss wouldn't even fire him directly, he had someone else do it. According to several other employees, the owner 'avoids' the person he's firing when he knows they don't deserve it. Zac loved his job. He gave it everything he had to try to keep us afloat. He made minimum wage but was hoping to move to a better company with more experience under his belt. Tow truck driving quickly became his passion.

All of the progress we thought we'd made has disappeared. We couldn't afford to go a single week without Zac drawing a paycheck. He hit the pavement hard today but without much gas it's hard to tell when he'll be able to earn another.

I never thought I would do this but please, if you can find it in your heart to donate to my cause, even just $1, it would help me tremendously.
Thanks to an angel family that was brought into our lives our electric didn't get shut off and our rent was paid. The money that's been donated to this account (minus the large fee that gofundme takes) was used to assist me in getting to appointments, pay our rent, and put a downpayment on a wheelchair (still dont one).

I don't know what to do.

Physically I'll be moving into a different leg brace in about a week or so. Still required to be on 23 hour/day bedrest. I'll start intense physical therapy in the next few weeks as well. From there we'll have to make a decision about surgery.

Thank you for your prayers and love. God Bless.

If you can contribute to Ashley's GoFundMe appeal, please do. If you can't (and that's probably a lot of you) just spread the word. I promised Ashley I would do what I can and I stand by my word.

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