6'7" Ashley from Ohio: Facing eviction

ashley joerg3Here's not so good news from Ashley 

Joerg, I'm going to get evicted. My electric is going to be turned off next week. I'm terrified. I'm to the point where I just want to end my life. I've been trying to find help for days, I can't find any assistance because I don't have kids. I'm getting money from the VA starting this month but my bank account was overdrafted because a large bill went through my account when I didnt have the funds for it. So I wasn't able to pay any of my bills.

My doctor is saying now that he thinks I may need surgery because my MCL tear was a lot worse than he thought, now he's saying that I may have fractured my knee and torn my meniscus as well.

If you can contribute to Ashley's GoFundMe appeal, please do. If you can't (and that's probably a lot of you) just spread the word. I promised Ashley I would do what I can and I stand by my word.

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