6'7" Ashley from Ohio: The latest update

ashley joerg3Here's the latest update from Ashley

I have a grade 3 (most severe) tear in the MCL of my left knee. I'm in a brace that goes from my ankle to the top of my thigh. I also have received MRI reports back stating that I have several large tumors that are intruding into my spinal cord, degenerative disc disease, a slipped disc. I won't be able to go back to school next semester (I'm going to be on bed rest fo a LEAST 2 months).

Zac is still working 6 days a week and picking up extra shifts when he can but our bills are still drowning us. We have received shut off notices for our gas and electricity. We're pretty desperate for help. I'm in the process of applying for disability but it can take a very long time for approval. I was going to venture out and try to get a job but I can't drive or walk right now and im supposed to be in bed 24/7.

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