Tall Size

Tall Size

We want to start by saying that not all tall people play basketball. But for us, that is where our story starts. Kayla and Kesia had just moved to Barrie, ON and Nicole invited Kayla to try out for a basketball team. Even though the basketball didn't stick for all of us, the friendship did!

Through relocations, school, and career changes, we continued to stay in touch, and to relate on the many issues that only tall girls face: people commenting on how tall you are, the lack of leg room, standing out in a crowd and the dreaded issue of finding clothes that fit! That issue in particular was the one that persisted. From the disappointment of going into a store and realizing they don't carry your size to the frustration of having to sacrifice style or fit just to get the right length.

So together we created the vision for #TallSize. Similar to Plus Size, we want Tall Size clothing to be normalized among retailers. Our goal is to make shopping accessible and fun for tall women so that they can feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

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