Tony Shoes

Tony Shoes

I would like to thank you for visiting our site. People always ask me, Tony, why are you called "The Real Shoe Shop"? Well, hopefully the following story will clear things up once and for all.Tony's began a long time ago. It was 1937 in Montreal, Canada.

Giantonio Fargnoli was a hard working, enthusiastic Italian from the "Old Country", who believed in service and quality. He set up a shop on Greene Avenue, as a shoe repair first, but soon began to work as a retailer. There was one small problem, there were too many Tony Shoes.

Giantonio...Tony, was one step ahead of the others, he believed that there was only one Tony, and he was the one. The shop became THE REAL TONY SHOE SHOP!

It was then, seventy years ago, that this Montreal landmark was born. Giantonio eventually passed the shop over to his son Eddie "The Fireball" Fargnoli, who in turn passed the shop over to his son Anthony.

The shop is still run by Tony today, in grandfather Giantonio's memory - with dedication to service and quality. In addition, you may find Robbie Fargnoli in the store and he has taken the family business one "step" further by becoming a Board-Certified Pedorthist. Board-Certified Pedorthists (C.Peds) provide services that contribute to the treatment of foot injury, deformity or disease.

Even though today we are officially called Chaussures Tony Shoes Inc., we still cling to the traditions that made us what we are today.

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