Apavi 40+

Apavi 40+

Home of large size shoes - shop of large size shoes "Apavi 40+" (Shoes 40 +) opened its doors to visitors on April 9, 2010. The idea of launching large size shoe shop "Apavi 40+" (Shoes 40+) was born some time ago and is based on personal experience. Large-sized shoes have been exclusive product for a long time, they were usually made by order for specific customers. Production of large size shoes has been for long time considered to be unprofitable, due to low number of potential customers. Producing of large-size shoes is more complicated - larger quantities of materials have to be used, as well as bigger lasts, longer lasting heels, better-designed shoe models, that would look equally well on both "small" and "big" feet. Nowadays the demand for large size shoes is growing, they are required not only by older people that have feet problems due tousage of uncomfortable footwear in their youth, but also by younger generation - as our young people become taller and thus have larger feet.

Finally the days of searching for large size shoes and boots are in the past! The time has come when you feel like never before - finally you can choose from wide selection, you can pick any color! And finally you can purchase even ballroom shoes in Latvia! More time can be put aside for the other more pleasurable pursuits, since a new shop of large size shoes Apavi 40+ ("Shoes 40 +") has been opened in Riga, Gertrudes Street 10/12 (at the old Saint. Gertrude Church).

Our vision is to become the largest large size shoe shop in the Baltic States, providing both Latvian and foreign citizens with high quality large size shoes. Shop of large size shoes Apavi 40+ (Shoes 40 +) wants to change the general perception that large-size shoes are unattractive, discolored, and massive. We expand and refresh our assortment with colorful, interesting shoes and boots that are looking very good on larger feet.

Our goal is that every owner of large-sized feet would be able to find appropriate large-sized shoes for his/her taste and wealth, therefore we offer shoes with various brands and price ranges.

Our company main values are quality, customer satisfaction, knowledgeable staff, support for the Latvian economy, environmentally friendly business activities and support preservation of nature biodiversity.

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Adress of shop now is - Kr. Valdemara street 38 (entrance from Gertrudes street)

And there is online shop now too ;)
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