C4RW - Clothes for Real Women

C4RW - Clothes for Real Women

6'0" Vivienne's Blog

Originally a Human Resources professional, Vivienne has always had a passion for fashion and fabric and is now the owner of Bespoke Personal Styling Concierge Service and an Executive Operations Director for TVLHC a creative global fashion platform that successfully delivered two shows at London Fashion Week. As an experienced fitting model for a top international lingerie label and a global retailer, Vivienne spent 4 years working part-time in the lingerie and women's department of a famous international department store.

Vivienne comes with over 20 years' experience of designing, making her own clothes and styling women. As a stylist who trained at the London College of Fashion, she has a unique perspective on the understanding of fabric and how clothes should fit to create the style that's right for your body.

Vivienne is not just your average woman. Standing at 6ft, a 'height goddess', she often says 5ft 12 to confuse people, and it is not unusual to see her wearing 4-inch heels, with such a presence that, once you have met her, it will be hard to forget her.

Like most women, she has struggled with self-confidence and image and has a unique understanding of the difficulties and dilemmas many women have about clothing. Having been though all the issues about understanding her proportions and finding clothes that fit, she has learned to love her uniqueness by maximising what she has. Passionate about empowering and inspiring women to change how they dress and feel about themselves. Change can be scary, but it's through change that great things happen.

A native of London, England, and a world traveller, 'have passport, will travel' is her motto. She loves shoes, cake and meeting new people.

You can find out more about Vivienne's Personal Styling Concierge Service by emailing her directly at viv[@]clothes4realwomen.com or via the contact form. She is also on Twitter as the GoddessofGlamour.

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