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Hey Miss!

I'm your lifestyle blogger, Chantelle. How'd I get the awesome job of helping you make sense of all this craziness? Lol.

What I believe: In life, there should be no rules, just principles. And when you live by principles, your decisions get way easier.

I'm an eternal optimist, a reluctant hopeless romantic, and honest to a fault. I believe that most of us are not getting enough out of our selves, our lives and our relationships because we don't put the right things into them.

Life is crazy! But through all the noise, you gotta figure out exactly who "you" are, and then be that, intentionally. Because you'll never be real being anyone else.

I believe my experience can save you time and even pain. Because I've learned how to build my dream life, what to do (and not do) when it falls apart and how to get everything back bigger and better than before. I've learned things that work no matter where you are, and other things that are guaranteed to blow up in your face.

The world will try to break you, change you and kill your spirit. Sometimes, you'll need someone unbiased to tell you to fight, or even to show you how. I'm volunteering for that.

I believe ladies should respect themselves and set their own standards, instead of blaming men for all the relationship problems of the world. Be the one you need, and you'll be the one he needs.

Here on Call Me Miss, I'll challenge you to be excellent instead of above average. Because there are enough people out here just tryna make it. That's not me, or you. I'll show you principles you can live by, help you find youself and then love youself, and prove to you – and everyone else – that you really can Have It All.

So excited about this journey. Lets get it.

Talk Soon,


P.S. Some things that my manager told me to add because he thinks it might impress you...

After being a 3-time basketball All-American and graduating from Vanderbilt University, I played in the WNBA and Europe for six years. I was also a college coach for three years and now I work in Corporate America. I have done hundreds of speaking engagements on self-esteem, sports, success and making it against the odds. My life changed for the better when I decided to follow Jesus for real. Now I do everything to make Him proud and other people's lives better. Hope you enjoy the site! Muah!

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