The Tall Persons Club

Founded in 1991 by Phil Heinricy, the Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to providing information and promoting the interests of tall people.

If you are above average height, know someone who is, or have children who are taller than average, the Tall Persons Club aims to offer support, guidance, practical information, and a social outlet that facilitates the meeting of equally elevated souls. Joining the Tall Persons Club can help you gain confidence, and inspire you to improve matters not just for tall people, but for all people..

Who Should Join?

We welcome anyone who will benefit from our information. Membership is for those who consider themselves taller than average. You decide. We have no minimum height requirement because we believe that people know for themselves whether or not they are tall. The Club welcomes individuals and families – taller than average children are, after all, the next generation of members. With each generation growing taller, our members are drawn from all walks of life and every age group.

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