Tall Clubs International

TCI is a social organization for tall adults!

Our stated purpose is "to promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and in the community." With nearly 50 member clubs and approximately 1300 members across the US and Canada, we are truly an international not for profit organization.

Every year TCI engages in social activities of mutual interest, travel for gatherings of members from several TCI clubs, a convention to conduct the business of the Corporation (with representatives of all clubs) and the selection a new Miss Tall International®, the official public representative and goodwill ambassador for TCI.

Why join?

Finally! A place to belong!

As tall people, we know we are "vertically gifted" and fabulous. We also know how it feels to stand out in a crowd, to feel "different," to struggle with everyday issues from leg room on planes, finding clothes that fit, to even finding people to hang out with who don't make us feel that we are out of place.

Tall Clubs provide an understanding, fun, and exciting environment where you can just be yourself, and be comfortable knowing that for once, your height is not an issue!

What can I expect once I join TCI?

Joining TCI and also joining your local tall club (or starting one if your area does not have one yet) will be the first step to a lifelong adventure steeped in fun, community, and long lasting friendships. You will meet your club leaders and immediately have access to events and gatherings of all varieties. You will meet great people, and probably do things you have never done before, with people who ask you about YOU and not just your height. Welcome to the new normal, where the focus is on fun.

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